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Check out these Pre & Post Wax Tips

Updated: May 16, 2018

We have come up with the best pre and post waxing tips to ensure you get the best results from every experience!

Welcome to getting waxed, a feeling of excitement (for smooth skin..yay) and nervousness (for the unpredictable outcome and horror stories you have heard.) Let us put that apprehensiveness to rest and give you all of the facts before you wax!

Here are some Pre Wax Tips

  • First and foremost; Every area that you want to wax will need to be AT LEAST 1/4 of an inch long (this will be about 10 to 14 days of hair growth.) This is because the hard wax that we use will not be able to pick up the hair if it is not a certain length.

  • Take an Ibuprofen 20-25 minutes before you wax. (Ibuprofen will help reduce any inflammationthat may be experenced after waxing).

  • If you have a vacation or event that you are waxing for please keep in mind that we recommend at least 2-3 waxes before the event so you can allow your skin to react and can heal up! (you don't want any surprises or irritation for your event!)

  • Please be aware that when you have been shaving, you will have some hair left over after your first wax (typically with Brazilian & Legs.) Hair grows in cycles and it takes a few waxes for all of your hair to get on the same growth cycle for that smooth skin! (You will see smooth skin just after your first visit--No worries!)

Here are some Post Wax Tips we recommend for the best results:

After you wax please avoid the following:

Tight Cothing

Tanning beds

Excercising & sweating

Swimming pools, Hot tubs, or Saunas

Pedicures (if you received a Leg Wax)

  • NO heavy creams or oils ---You don't want to fill your open pores and clog them; This can result in ingrown hair and blocked hair follicles.

  • EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE --Exfoliating with a scrub in circular motions will remove dead skin and clear the skin of dirt and oil and prep the skin to be waxed! DO NOT exfoliate immediately after a wax--Wait 24 hours before exfoliating so the skin can heal up!

  • If you need to shower immediately after waxing, we recommend using an anti-bacterial soap.

  • If you get White bumps after your wax (this is normal) apply 1% Hydrocortisone followed by an anti biotic cream (Bacitracin Ointment or Polysporin)

If you have any questions about your wax please call the salon & ask to speak to an Esthetician. Your happiness is our first priority!

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