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Honey Bunny Wax offers waxing For Pregnants

Pregnancy Waxing

You might be wondering, if pregnancy waxing is safe.
Yes, with us it is. You are totally safe.
There is no evidence that waxing is unsafe during pregnancy.
But it is really important that you cooperate with us and follow our advice. Can you do that?

Some of the benefits of intimate pregnancy wax treatments

>Continuing regular waxing treatments during pregnancy

>Preparation for labour

>Avoiding shaving rashes and cuts from razor

>Avoiding being shaved by midwife at the hospital

>Feeling looked after

>Confidence boost

Pregnant Waxing

Ok, so now that you have decided to see us, first things first. Please note that we only perform pregnancy intimate waxing between 12 weeks and up to 38 weeks of pregnancy due to insurance policy restrictions.
For example, it you are already 38 weeks into your pregnancy and decide that you want to see us for the first time to do a full wax; this would not be the best idea because we simply don’t know your skin. Instead, we might be able to help you out with tidying your bikini line and waxing your legs or face. Your safety is the most important to us. `We offer professional waxing services for various areas including full legs, Brazilian wax bikini, and more. It is recommended to start the waxing process in advance to achieve the best results for your delivery.


Question: I’ve just had a baby, when can I have my next intimate waxing treatment?

Answer: This is a very common question asked by soon-to-be and new mothers. The most important factor before any treatment is done is that you are comfortable and that the treatment chosen is suitable for the moment. In some cases it may be better for you to wait a little longer before having the treatment. It is so important to acknowledge your concerns and also let you to decide if you want to wait a little longer before having your first treatment. Your comfort and trust is vital in ensuring that you continue to have a positive waxing experience. As for when you can have your first intimate waxing post-pregnancy depends on the type of birth. If you had a natural birth, it is generally safe to have the first intimate wax after eight (8) weeks from giving birth. This includes all the types of intimate waxing, from a classic bikini to a Hollywood. Eight (8) weeks generally allows the new mother to have a good time to recover and heal.

If you had a C-section, it is also possible to have the first intimate wax eight (8) weeks after giving birth. Extra care is needed when working near and around the area of the scar. And because hair does not grow on scars, it does not need to be touched. In all cases, we will maintain a continual dialogue with you during the treatment to check how you are feeling and if there is any unusual discomfort. If you have had a tear or episiotomy during childbirth, it is advised to wait six (6) months before doing a full brazilian wax (all off). In order to do a full intimate wax like a Hollywood, the scar needs to be fully healed and not cause you any issues. In the meantime, you can have a bikini and extended bikini wax.

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